Farriery can be a hazardous occupation, with injuries being all too common. If you are injured or unable to work due to illness requiring a doctor’s certification, our Income Protection Insurance acts as a financial safety net. It provides a substantial portion of your regular income, granting you the peace of mind to focus on recovery without worrying about how to cover your bills.

When you turn to us for Income Protection Insurance as a farrier, we offer personalised service, working closely with you to craft the perfect plan that aligns with your unique lifestyle and needs. Choosing Equestrian Protect means gaining access to various insurance plans, benefits, expert advice, and long-term support. Our commitment continues after policy issuance; we conduct annual reviews of your financial situation to ensure your plan remains the most suitable. Plus, we’re here to assist with any insurance claims should the need arise.

Mixing and matching insurance policies is an effective way to have comprehensive coverage. Here are some key policies that can be combined to create a well-rounded insurance package for farriers:

Income Protection Insurance: This policy should be at the core of the coverage, providing a replacement income if a farrier cannot work due to injury or illness. It ensures financial stability during recovery.

Personal Accident Insurance: Personal accident insurance offers additional protection by providing a lump sum payout in the event of specific injuries or accidents.

Critical Illness Insurance: Critical illness insurance pays a lump sum upon diagnosing a severe medical condition. Farriers can use this payout to cover medical bills and other expenses during a critical illness.

Life Insurance: Life insurance ensures that loved ones are financially protected in the event of the farrier’s passing. It can cover funeral expenses and provide financial support to beneficiaries.

Private Medical Insurance: Private medical insurance covers specialist consultations, diagnostics, and treatments in private healthcare facilities. For farriers, quick access to healthcare services is crucial for a swift recovery and a return to work. This insurance ensures they receive timely and often more personalised care than public healthcare systems.

By mixing and matching these policies, farriers can create a comprehensive insurance package that addresses their income protection, health, and liability concerns. It’s essential to work with experienced insurance advisors who can help tailor the coverage to the specific needs of individual farriers.