This is where our comprehensive “Personal Rider Insurance” steps in. “Personal Rider Insurance” is a versatile term used to describe various insurance policies, including life, critical illness, accident, and private medical coverage. It’s designed to ensure that you and your family are financially secure, not only in the event of your passing but also in the face of life’s unexpected challenges.

From point-to-point racing to stable management, from training sessions to leisurely trail rides, you can choose what personal insurance coverage you need to provide a safety net when you need it. Your financial security is paramount to us, no matter where your equestrian adventures take you.

How does Personal Rider Insurance work?

Underlying Policies:
“Personal Rider Insurance” encompasses a variety of insurance policies, such as life insurance, critical illness insurance, accident insurance, and private medical insurance. Each underlying policy has its terms, conditions, and coverage specifics.

We begin by engaging in an in-depth conversation with you. This initial consultation helps us understand your current situation, future goals, and any concerns you may have regarding your financial security. Clients can typically choose from among the underlying policies based on their specific needs.

Coverage and Premiums:
Each underlying policy within the collective name provides coverage for particular scenarios. Premiums are calculated based on factors such as age, health, and the level of coverage required.

For Your Ongoing Protection

We recommend an annual review of your Insurance. An annual review ensures you’re aware of any policy changes that might affect your coverage. Major life events, such as marriage, the birth of a child, a career change, or retirement, can significantly impact your insurance needs. Reviewing your coverage allows you to make necessary adjustments.